Tom Bales

Chief Science Officer

Registered Professional Engineer since 1981

A Syntheon founder, after earning since earning his Bachelor of Science from MIT, Tom has been a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida since 1981, For 5 years he worked in hybrid rocket propulsion development and testing for NASA, DARPA, the USAF and industry consortiums that developed and demonstrated hybrid-propulsion launch boosters. He is at home with all phases of product development science for government and private sector clients.

He brings 15 years of medical device manufacturing engineering for Cordis Corporation and Baxter International, as well as medical product development for Cordis, Theratek International, Symbiosis and Boston Scientific. Product expertise spans an uncommonly broad specialties including neurosurgery, cardiac pacers and leads, radiographic and angiographic catheters, angioplasty devices, stents, atherectomy, trocar ports, laparoscopic surgical instruments, endo-robotic systems, flexible and endoscopic instruments and more.

Other accomplishments include founding two remarkable companies that have pioneered innovation: Environmental Aeroscience Corporation, developers and manufactures of hybrid rocket motors for consumer, scientific and military applications; and General Science and Technology Corporation, intellectual property and mechanical, electrical, aerospace and medical applications. Many of his over 100 patents are listed below.

Off the job Tom loves devoting time to watchmaking, astronomy and his three sons.