Matt Palmer

Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Syntheon

In an industry where technology is its life’s blood, understanding all phases of the design and development process from multiple perspectives is critical. Today, as a co-founder and the CTO at Syntheon, Matt brings three decades of remarkable medical device experience to the task. Known for his expertise and passion for the development of disposal devices for minimally invasive treatments, perhaps what best describes Matt’s unique vision is his uncommonly broad perspective.

It’s explained by industry experience including positions at Cordis and Boston Scientific where he directed Advanced Research and teams as large as 42 managers, engineers and technicians, and multiple executive positions in start-ups from Senior Design Engineer to Founder and President. It is the unique experience with firms of vastly different maturity, capacity and focus that gives Matt his competitive edge: Vision anchored in best practices.

Trained in Mechanical Engineering , Matt earned a Bachelor of Science, graduating with honors from the University of Florida. His professional focus over the years has been Interventional Cardiology, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Gastroenterology, Interventional Radiology and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

In these areas, Matt hold over 150 medical device patents, many of which are listed below.