Innovative Medical Device Incubator

Meeting large market, unmet needs with patented devices – from design to manufacturing

Over 200 Issued Patents and 100 Years of Product Development Experience

Syntheon LLC invents and develops innovative medical devices. The principals of Syntheon have over 200 issued patents; 100 years of product development experience and a long list of products that have improved medical care and increased value to partnering companies’ shareholders.

Syntheon Uses Two Approaches

In all cases, we leverage our vast experience to solve difficult problems with innovative and elegant electro-mechanical devices. Rapid prototyping and testing create patented and competitive products that are ready for clinical trials, manufacture or deployment through subsidiary entities.

In select cases, we work with medical device companies that have identified a market need. Working in close partnership, we develop a new product from initial innovation through final manufacturing. In collaboration, we leverage our core competencies and share in both risk and reward.

Unmatched Experience with Technical Depth and an Entrepreneurial Culture

We have a proven process that starts with innovation and ends with medical and business success. We have the experience to identify market needs, the technical know-how to create products to solve them and the entrepreneurial culture to bring our solutions to market. Our unmatched approach has led to phenomenal sales success for our company and our partners.