Syntheon LLC invents and develops innovative medical devices. The principals of Syntheon have over 200 issued patents; 100 years of product development experience and a long list of products that have improved medical care and increased value to partnering companies' shareholders.

Syntheon uses two approaches. Syntheon identifies new product opportunities by working with physicians and then develops products through FDA approval and limited marketing release showing safety and efficacy. Syntheon then partners with other companies for sales and distribution; preferring to perform initial, manufacturing for at least three years or until product lines stabilize. Technologies in Cardiology and Interventional Neurology exist at various stages of development.

Syntheon also partners with companies in all fields of medical devices to enhance their internal product development; providing development and manufacturing of new products, features to existing products or cogs reduction. Due to our creativity, experience and track record we believe we can provide great value to partnering companies.

If you are interested in new products in Cardiology or Flexible Endoscopy or would like to confidentially discuss how Syntheon can be of help to you in any field of medical devices please contact us at:

Syntheon LLC
13755 SW 119th AVE
Miami, Florida 33186


Phone: 305 266-3388
Fax: 305 255-0688